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Keith's story goes back to 1994


The combination of color, texture, and photo-realism continues to amaze those who have been following Keith’s talent for years; leaving many anxiously awaiting for what Keith’s next inspired art piece will be. The beauty of his paintings are that they are painted in a traditional hand painted style; whether in oil or acrylic paints these paintings are sure to catch your attention. Having an eye for detail is the process of each painting.    

Keith Goodson is a passionate artist with a heart for ministry through the arts. Keith has been a dedicated Christian artist for over 20 years, bringing his talent to life by painting live during worship services and events around the World.  His love for creating murals and fine art is evident in the vibrant and inspiring pieces he produces. Keith sees art as a powerful medium for expressing faith and connecting with others on a spiritual level. Through his artistic journey, he has beautifully blended creativity with ministry, leaving a lasting impact on those who experience his work.


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