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Your Eternal Painting

Sometimes, I often have thoughts of how spectacular life is going to be when we pass from this world to the next. Everyone will one day cross this divide and find themselves in a world that they have only dreamed about. My concern is that some have had nightmares about this appointment with death…while others rest assured of their eternal inheritance.

Many religions have very different views of death’s transformations. As an artist, I have always had the ability to see more than just clouds billowing in the sky or waves of an ocean crashing on sandy shores…I can see with my spirit. Just as other artist such as Van Gogh’s famous “The Starry Night” painting was interpreted from his spirit to show the beauty beyond the veil so too we have the ability to learn to see beyond the norm. The eternal spirit within us is the paint palette of the creator, our imagination the brush; our spirit translates to us the things we cannot see with mere mortal eyes. Go ahead, close your eyes, and let your imagination take you to a place of eternal realms through just the warms of the sun’s rays.

As I have surrendered my gifts as an artist to my creator God and have experienced truly amazing things. My faith, as a Christian, has been a comfort in perilous times. When in fear and bondage…I close my eyes and use the brush to break the shackles. When in doubt I close my eyes and assurance is painted on walls of my heart. When sad….a stroke of happiness. Your imagination is a powerful tool. So, what does your future eternal painting look like?


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