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Stop Creating

John Grim was an outspoken man with a brash way of telling others what to do. Well, it was his job to tell them what to do, how to move, where to stand, and how to say their lines. John was a brilliant director with more awards throughout his lifespan than many other director  combined. Having over 60 films in Hollywood alone that he has directed to over 25 international  films.

Mr. Grim lived a very introverted life with no friends or family. Many nights just alone with a bottle of Jack Daniels as his nightly companion. It was after 30 years that Mr. Grim decided that enough was enough…that being successful, wealthy and alone was not enough to satisfy. So, by reaching out to others he began to notice a piece of himself that he had never tapped into. It was far more pleasing than even what his talent of a director could ever offer him.

In a world filed with the unpredictable…we sometimes need to pause and count our blessing  and stop creating if just for a moment.  We need to appreciate what we have and what we have been given. Having a talent is a God-given right not only for the artist but for everyone. As in the short fictional story above John Grim can be seen in you and I. We have by nature selfish ambitions  that can be healthy to motivate us, but just as unhealthy to cause us to retreat into a cave of isolation.

Everyone has a unique ability, such as the person that can nurture by helping a sick patient in the hospital to the amazing ability that a commercial pilot has to be able to take off and land safely with 200 trusting passengers on board. We all our apart of the collective and with a little effort we can all be apart of a community that will call us not only friend but family.

Having been an artist for over 25 years now I can truly say its been a fascinating journey. Its seen its ups and downs like anything but, I have truly enjoyed the ride for the most part. One thing I have noticed is that while you’re creating it seems that time stands still and there is this very meditative experience that flows like a river; I sometimes don’t even want to stop and put down the brush. To me being in this creative realm is what I was created to do. I got to the point that I felt as if I needed no one in my life. But in the Last few years I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started communicating with other artist with the sam interest. I am now loving that fact that I can put down my competitive nature and just be apart of something greater than myself.


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